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Suzie Zakis

Profile Photo Suzie Zakis Solicitor

Suzie Zakis

Suzie has been practising as a solicitor since 2017.  In 2016, Suzie achieved a Bachelor of Laws degree, with Honours.

Since being admitted into practise, Suzie has been responsible for taking care of clients who have found themselves in difficult legal situations and are seeking a pathway towards a resolution.   Suzie’s expertise extends to litigated matters in contested estates and family law matters.   

Suzie specializes in family law and has worked in children, parenting and property matters involving relocation, contact time, dividing the property pool and representing clients in proceedings.   Her work ranges from property matters with a modest asset pool to multi-million-dollar asset pools, including family trusts, overseas assets, farming properties that have been in one party’s family for generations.

In conjunction with family law issues, Suzie’s expertise extends to family violence orders made in court, personal protection orders and child protection orders, including the legislative intersection and effect.

The scale and breadth of Suzie’s family law expertise extends to divorce, child support agreements, financial agreements and reaching agreements through negotiations, mediation, collaborative meetings, as well as reaching agreements through the Court process. Suzie has experience in achieving settlement negotiations with married, de facto and same-sex relationships.

Suzie is passionate about keeping up with new developments in the law and providing clients with contemporaneous legal advice.

In addition to family law, Suzie’s other areas of practice revolve around other matters of concern for families such as wills, powers of attorney, enduring guardians, estate planning, and acting in disputed estates.

Suzie is a member of the ACT Law Society and is passionate about providing legal services to her clients with compassion, determination and knowledge.